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At the elegant and friendly place of Koulla Aletra & Elena Theodorou Beauty Clinics, you will find what is the most modern and the latest technology in medical aesthetics. Equipped with the newest and well proven techniques and methods in the service of your beauty.

About Us

Koulla Aletra & Elena Theodorou Beauty Clinic

Our Beauty Clinic is originally founded by Koulla Aletra Theodorou in 1985. Koulla Aletra Theodorou is a CIDESCO-qualified beauty therapist.

Koulla Aletra Is originated from the Nicosia region based in Paphos, working her way up from the age of 20 started as she started working in the Hilton Hotel of Nicosia as a beauty therapist and then moved to Paphos where she established her beauty clinic for the last 35 years.

The other member of our team is Elena Theodorou, with 12 years of experience on her back who got her International ‘CIDESCO’ Diploma from London (The Ray Cochrane Beauty Collage of London).

You will find many different antiaging and rejuvenation treatments for women and men, as well as a great selection of specialized home care products!

For more effective treatments, depending on the wishes and needs of each woman, you will find many different antiaging treatments for the face and body.

So, feel free to book a free consultation appointment so we can find out together the best treatment that fits you!

Face Therapy

  • Mesotherapy (with pen, microneedles, nanoneedles).
  • Collagen Threads Anti-Age Treatment.
  • Facial treatments and cleaning with an Ultrasonic Spatula.
  • Non-invasive face lifting with the HIFU D.O.T. Lift, the number 1 choice for non-invasive lifting with focused ultrasound technology! Non-invasive lifting, tightening, and toning of loose skin on the face or body, without irritation or recovery time.
  • Deep cleansing of the skin, removal of black spots, exfoliation, hydration and antioxidant protection with the Hydro facial machine.
  • Photo rejuvenation with IPL (Anthelia NG2 LCD).
  • Photo epilation for facial hair with IPL (Anthelia NG2 LCD).
  • Face Massage treatments with rose quartz roller.

Hi-Fu (D.O.T.) Lifting

High Intensive Focused Ultrasound – Lifting without surgery

HIFU targets exactly the same facial SMAS Layer as the cosmetic surgeon.

The High Intensity Focused Ultrasound energy creates literally 1,000s if instant micro-burns deep in the facial muscle layer – 6,000 in a full facial lift!! And each of these tiny fractional burns cause the muscle to contact and tighten ( just like the surgeons laser) and then, as the skin’s natural wound healing response kicks in, a new tighter and firmer collagen matrix reforms – visibly, and naturally, lifting the skin!

And most importantly, all of this happens with NO damage to the skin surface.

…. You can go out to lunch with friends immediately after the procedure!


Facial ‘mesotherapy’ is the modern solution in the fight against the signs of time.

It gives a completely natural result and highlights the features of the face. It is indicated in cases of skin dehydration, loss of elasticity, fine lines, Acne Scars loss of firmness, and photoaging. It is a natural, completely safe, and effective non-invasive method, by which vitamins, peptides, minerals, trace elements, and natural extracts are penetrated into the skin with Microneedles or Nano needles.

In this way, the dermis and also the upper layers of the epidermis are rejuvenated, while additional hyaluronic acid and collagen are naturally produced by the body to speed up the healing process of the skin.

Massage Therapy

Massaging the body from head to toe using various oils improves our physical and mental health.

By including massage in our life, we have immediate benefits. Relieving you from muscle-skeletal pain, creating better blood circulation, getting rid of toxins and accumulated tension, relaxation, renewal, well-being, and rejuvenation are just some of the benefits that massage treatment will offer you!

An experienced graduate will guide you to choose the treatment that suits you, focusing on the areas that are most in need.

IPL/Laser Epilation

Painless, absolutely safe, suitable for men and women, and effective even on blonde or white hair, photo epilation with IPL helps you permanently get rid of hair growth, on the whole body and face.

At the Koula Aletra & Elena Theodorou beauty institute, you will find the innovative and upgraded Anthelia LCD RSFL system, for immediate and safe results.

Our Brands

  • Ph Formula
  • Summe cosmetics
  • Berdnard Cassier
  • Vaggheggi
  • Guinot
  • Yellow Rose
  • Mesauda cosmetics
  • Zerva Cosmetics

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Koulla Aletra & Elena Theodorou Beauty Clinic

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